Conservative Theological University admits highly motivated, qualified men and women who are involved in Christian ministries or who are preparing for Christian Service. No student meeting admission requirements will be refused because of race, color, sex or national origin.

Students who have attended other qualified institutions or seminaries may receive credit toward degrees for courses and programs similar in content and quality. Seminars and other educational opportunities may with prior approval & writing requirement be applied toward the selected program of study.

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Students may apply for credit toward Conservative Theological University degree programs by selecting and completing up to 2 of the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) modes that are offered to utilize academically applicable cognitive learning experience to required courses in a Program of Study. Accepted applicants for a PLA will receive appropriate course credit upon satisfactory completion of the PLA mode requirements and payment of assessment application and credit fees. Prior Learning Assessment modes offered:

Bible Content Testing (BCT) - Standardized Testing

.... a) Professional Learning Experience Credit (PLE)

Requires compilation of a PLE Portfolio, onsite and advisor evaluation.

.....b) Ministry Assessment Credit (MAC)

Requires preparation of a MAC Portfolio, onsite and advisor evaluation.

1. A Testimony of Biblical Salvation, affirming having accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Lord & Savior.

2. Letters of reference showing outstanding credentials in Christian character, commitment to
....ministry, and financial ability.

3. Completion & Remittance of all necessary Applications & Fees.

4. Official transcripts of previous academic experience and satisfactory evidence of current
....academic ability for entry to Degree Programs.

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