Internal - On Campus

Conservative Theological University offers internal classroom training at the Jacksonville Campus, situated on 10 acres of beautiful land easily accessible from major Interstates and City Arteries. The Jacksonville Campus includes the Administrative Offices, Complete Classroom and Library Facilities, Dining Hall and Auditorium to provide quality personal instruction and research opportunities to students who are able to attend.

External - off Campus - International

Acknowledging the reality of true ministry today, CTU has designed its External Independent Studies to serve the educational needs of men and women who are unable or unwilling to disrupt their ministry work and other aspects of their lives to pursue Internal on Campus studies. This Non-Residential alternative provides quality training IN ministry FOR ministry -- learning on the job, at home, through independent reading, research, study, writing and seminars in all Programs of Study for students both in the U.S. and Internationally.

Practical Christian Ministry (PCM)

In keeping with the serviceable approach to ministerial training through CTU, each Degree program has a requisite number of Practical Christian Ministry oriented courses that are necessary for Graduation. These PCM courses include the normal instructional content with an element requiring the demonstration and faculty evaluation of active ministerial implementation of the concepts presented in the curriculum.


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